jheathbar's Journal

Umm, I'm hispanic and I love it. I'm a happy person. I love to laugh and make jokes. Making people laugh makes me feel adequate. I like to be creative. I'm fascinated with celebrity culture. Movies are my life. It amazes me how something visual can evoke so many emotions from people. Same goes for music. Music can affect someone's life in so many ways, and it all relies on a single sense. SO NUTS!

I like to use catchphrases, although that skank Rachel Zoe stole "Bananas" from me! And then she had the nerve to copyright that shit! Anyway, Nicole Richie is fierce and she got me into the catchphrases. "Loves it" "Do you love it" "Sexy" "Sexual" "Hot". And then i love the word fierce. I like single words that can say alot.

Kathy Griffin is amazing and I find it so odd that I knew who she was and knew her name before My Life on the D List and Celebrity Mole...because I grew up watching Suddenly Susan. I'm a 90s child, and I LOVE the 90s. So yeah. Equality for all, stay sexy bitchesss!