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TWEETeldee and TWEETeldum
blow your mind
 So, I think my twitter obsession may be coming to an all time high. I've become quite the fiend and I'm actually kind of competing with my besitie and our followers. I love my tweeps, but especially my Geeps. Or gweeps, whatever, my gay tweeps aka twitter peeps. Anyway, they say the lulziest things and I love it. Hmm what else, oh so I had like an epic week and a half or so when I COULD comment on ONTD posts and I loved it. I haven't tried to become a member since making this account but I want to be patient so I don't get rejected. It's just frustrating since I've been reading the site constantly for at least a year a year and have been an occasional reader for almost two years. Hopefully, if I try to register now on this account, which I've had for a little more than 2 weeks I think, I'll be accepted. Only problem is I hear they are being stricter now. Idk, I'll be upset if I get rejected again. 

Anyway, I just wanted to update so that when I do try to register I'm proving I'm active. Idk. Peace. Love. Miley Cyrus.