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TWEETeldee and TWEETeldum
blow your mind
 So, I think my twitter obsession may be coming to an all time high. I've become quite the fiend and I'm actually kind of competing with my besitie and our followers. I love my tweeps, but especially my Geeps. Or gweeps, whatever, my gay tweeps aka twitter peeps. Anyway, they say the lulziest things and I love it. Hmm what else, oh so I had like an epic week and a half or so when I COULD comment on ONTD posts and I loved it. I haven't tried to become a member since making this account but I want to be patient so I don't get rejected. It's just frustrating since I've been reading the site constantly for at least a year a year and have been an occasional reader for almost two years. Hopefully, if I try to register now on this account, which I've had for a little more than 2 weeks I think, I'll be accepted. Only problem is I hear they are being stricter now. Idk, I'll be upset if I get rejected again. 

Anyway, I just wanted to update so that when I do try to register I'm proving I'm active. Idk. Peace. Love. Miley Cyrus. 

Oh snapskies!
blow your mind
 Well I feel like writing here because, it's my journal and I do what I want! Jk, I don't know if I'm actually interesting at all, I like to think I am but who knows. I am entertaining though, according to people I know and very outspoken so I'll take that as a plus. Right now I'm going through the whole looking for colleges process and it kinda sucks but whatever I'm excited. The school I'm looking at hardcore right now is Emerson in Boston, MA. I was looking at Boston U but I'm not smart enough for them haha. Applying can't hurt though right? 

So what's been going on with me? Thursday was my last day of finals and so I am now done with school for the year! My best friend is graduating on tuesday except one of his teachers is trying to bitch him out of him for some reason, idk it's complicated. I was elected Senior Class President on June 5th, which is SO weird. I never thought I was that person. It's exciting though and I'm determined to do a good job.

Since school has ended like 3 days ago, I have been blowing up my twitter like there is no tomorrow. It really isn't that good and I'm afraid that ppl are gonna start getting pissed at me, like I do at them, because there are so many updates. My new thing is making friends on twitter. It's fun, especially when it's members from ONTD, even though I am not yet a member. This is my 2nd LJ account so I'm gonna try to become a member in the next couple weeks because I don't wanna be bitched out and rejected. I've been reading ONTD for a long time now, so not being a member kinda sucks. 

I'm really just using this as a place to vent and get everything off my chest.  Maybe I should write a little bit about myself? I'm Justin, I'm adopted from El Salvador, and I'm just a fun person to be around. I want to go to college for film studies and production. I was obsessed with the Oscars by the time I was eight years old (weird kid right?), I love movies, music, media in general. I love talking and getting to know people so holler at me peeps! I have a weakness for reality television, no matter how many "serious/artsy" movies I watch, I still love my stupid reality shows. Hmm what else about me.....OH MUSIC. I love music. Truly, my passion is film but there is something I love about music so much. The amount of emotion someone can evoke or feel just from the use of one sense. I love all types of music. Mostly fierce chicks are in my iTunes though. I'm obsessed with the British music movement of the new millennium. Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Adele, Mika, Bat For Lashes, Corinne Bailey Rae, The Fratellis, Kate Nash, The Killers, Klaxons, Lily Allen, M.I.A., and just alot of random people from the UK and that general area. I'm a sucker for pop/dance music. Not a sucker actually, I fucking love it. I love to dance, so anything that can get me on my feet is good. Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Kylie, BoA. They are more of the dance-y kind. But then just standard pop is amazing to me too. Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, P!nk, Madonna (who is in her own universe at this point, let's be honest), Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Feist, Fergie, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Robyn. There's just so much! Ask me if I like someone because I have too many to list and trust me I can keep going! Oh but I should add I LOVE LOVE LOVE oldies music. Like 50s and 60s rock, pop, motown always makes me feel good. 

Ok, I'm sure I have much more to add but this is kind of ridiculous. Maybe I should just make another entry because holy shit on my face this is a long one. Peace. Love. And Miley Cyrus. 

blow your mind
 Nothing interesting, this is my new LJ account, I was mmmpapi08 but I wanted to finally be accepted at ontd and for this to correspond with my twitter: twitter.com/JHeathBar haha. Anyway, rejoining all my old communities SUCKED. Idk if I even got them all cuz there were so many. Now I have to find and make friends all over again =[. Ok adios.